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  • Thursday, 18 August 2022
Mombasa Lady Stops Her Wedding And Reveals This About The Groom

Mombasa Lady Stops Her Wedding And Reveals This About The Groom

The woman surprised the faithfuls of a local church,after she decided to halt wedding preparation process,on grounds that she had extablished that the groom was a man of dark secrets.

She revealed that her findings has determined that the man is married to another woman.

"I request to stop my wedding preparation,I know my decision will suprise many"She Said.I have made a personal decision which I have even made known to the groom,she added.

On the material day,the church congregants were in church attending the final meeting in preparation for the much awaited wedding.The pastor tried to intervene but all was in vain,the lady had made up her mind.

While explaining to the church why she has stopped the wedding,the woman narrated that the man has hidden alot from her,she went to their home without informing him and found him chasing his other wife inorder to have her.

The woman went ahead to reveal that, she inquired from the man's neighbors about him,and the neighbors told her that the man has been married for five years and he has two children.

The pastor admitted that he was not aware the man had another wife,as the congregants walked out of church disappointed.


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