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  • Thursday, 18 August 2022
Police free Venezuelan IEBC personnel

Police free Venezuelan IEBC personnel

The Venezuelan national had been contracted by the IEBC.

The foreigner had been arrested after police suspected him of impropriety upon landing at the JKIA with IEBC material declared as “personal luggage”.

Police now say they’ve established that the foreigner was in constant communication with the IEBC, and that the material was lawfully assigned to him.

Authorities said they had detained him while investigating why the election-related stickers that he had hadn’t been declared as per the law.

Police said they were also seeking to find out why the stickers were not accompanied by an IEBC official as per routine procedure.

Citing the sensitivity of elections material, police further stated that they ought to have been notified of the importation of election-related material beforehand to “provide necessary security and escort”.

The IEBC had on Thursday night alleged that three of its personnel had been arrested upon landing at the JKIA from Venezuela.

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