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  • Thursday, 18 August 2022
Shoe hacks every man needs to know

Shoe hacks every man needs to know

It’s also necessary to know some shoe hacks as one day they could come in handy. Here are a couple:

1. When your shoes are stinky,

Put tea bags inside your shoes at night and leave them overnight. 

2. If your shoes are slippery.

When you buy a pair of shoes and it ends up being so slippery, rub the sole with a sand paper. 

3. The shoe is slightly big?

Happens sometimes, especially when you buy shoes online. What you can do is buy insoles and put them inside the shoes for them to fit.

4. Dirty white sneakers?

Hydrogen peroxide is always the easiest way to make white shoes super clean. 

5. When your leather shoes get wet.

Perhaps on a rainy day, crumple up old newspapers and stuff them inside the shoes. This will help absorb excess moisture.

6. To prevent suede shoes from getting wet.

If it’s a wet day and you’re planning on wearing your favorite pair of suede or canvas shoes and you do not want them to get wet, create a water barrier – break a candle and rub this gently all around the shoes or on areas that are likely to get submerged in water or get wet. What you wanna do after is apply some form of heat onto the shoes.

7. Squeaky shoes.

Ever worn shoes and as you walk there are noises? Well that’s from all the friction between the shoes and your feet. Sprinkle baby powder in the shoes before wearing them.

8. Spruce them up.

Once you get bored of the same old shoes and look, try a few DIYs, even something as simple as switching the laces from a normal color to something colorful can make a big difference!


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