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  • Thursday, 18 August 2022
The most effective keys to increasing your self- esteem today

The most effective keys to increasing your self- esteem today

Self esteem can be defined as healthy respect for yourself, as well as healthy self-worth. In our competitive, material driven, image conscious, and achievement oriented society, the propensity to be affected by low self-esteem is chronic and pervasive. 


Here are seven keys to changing low self-esteem with references from my books 


1. Avoid Generalization


If you take an honest assessment of yourself, chances are that you can come up with a list of qualities that make you feel good. It is in general , all encompassing, personalizing and self- defeating comment that simply isn't true. Saying you have low self-esteem can also make the problem seem so big and daunting that you may feel relatively powerless to do anything.


2. Recognize where you may be running your old tape.


When we contemplate where we might have picked up certain low esteem issues, we may recall past experiences when we internalized negative or double- edges influences.


3. Change negative social comparisons to Humanization.


One of the easiest and most common ways to feel bad about oneself is to compare yourself unfavorable to others. We may be tempted to compare ourselves with those who have more accomplishments,seem more attractive , make more money, or blast more Facebook friends. 


4. Create positive sanctuaries in your life.


Another tip to change from low self-esteem to healthy self esteem is to create positive sanctuaries in your life, where on regular basis you can receive supportive , realistic and affirming messages. This can occur in the company of positive family members, friends, counselor, teachers or even community organization.


5. Notice your negative thought pattern- from a distanice.


To change low self-esteem , it's important to observe when you are engaged in thought patterns that sabotage self worth. When low self-esteem issues have been conditioned for observer self. The observer self is a useful psychological resource that helps increase awareness n many situations. It is the part of your of your consciousness that exercises mindfulness and helps you make intelligent, thoughtful choices.


6. Divide and conquer your low self-esteem.


It's more accurate and empowering to be specific about a particular aspects of your life where you lack confidence, be it your weight, your competence to speak publically, your capacity to attract the "right" romantic partner, or your ability to deal with difficult individuals.


7.Talk back to your negative thoughts with assertive responses.


Once You distance yourself from your negative thoughts , you can more easily talk back to them, and replace the negative thoughts with positive , empowering thoughts. 

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