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  • Thursday, 18 August 2022
Things you should not be wearing in 2022

Things you should not be wearing in 2022

You have the freedom to decide what you want to wear but these are just some of the things you should consider swapping out in 2022:

  • Overdone cutouts

Although the cutout trend hasn’t been slowing down, it might be a little out of control now. It started with some pretty cutout details here and there but these days there’s literally nothing left to the imagination.

  • Socks and heels

This is a daring combo that has been trying to become mainstream but it’s just not working. 

  • Cold shoulder pieces

The cold shoulder was such a big hit in the early 2000s, remember? They slowly faded away but they made a comeback a few years ago. These items have this cute, girly vibe and if it got cold outside, you could tilt your oversized sweater off your shoulders a little and be stylishly warm.

  • Short velvet dresses

Velvet in general can be a very hard material to pull off without looking grandma-ish. There’s something about it that looks old but when the short velvet dresses started showing up, they looked so good at the time.


  • High-low dresses

There was a season where high-lows were at the top of everyone’s list, probably around 2010. People couldn’t wait to get their hands on all the loud colours that they came in and we liked them because they were a combo of sexy and modest.

Although you can still find these at thrifting spots, you do not want to be caught in these outdated outfits.

  • Peplum tops

Just like the high-low dresses, they have been overtaken by time. We loved them and maybe they’ll make a comeback but right now, they are a major no!

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