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  • Thursday, 18 August 2022
Top Bulk WhatsApp Blaster Service Providers in Kenya

Top Bulk WhatsApp Blaster Service Providers in Kenya

1. Oramobile is the cheapest Bulk WhatsApp Blaster service provider in Kenya that offers affordable and reliable Bulk WhatsApp Messaging.


WhatsApp Blaster is a user-friendly Windows-based business software application created to send unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages.


This tool enables users to send text, images, PDF, Audio, and Video messages, to thousands of users with a single click.


Bulk WhatsApp Blaster can be incorporated into any organization’s day-to-day admin systems to cater to business functions such as sending notifications, reminders, meetings, invitations, personal advertising, updates, or other messages to thousands of mobile phone users.


The Software can blast messages to large numbers of users with just a simple click to anyone across the globe.



WhatsApp Blaster is a straightforward software that enables you to send an unlimited amount of customized WhatsApp messages to contacts you have in a spreadsheet and includes those who did not save your number.


WhatsApp Blaster allows you to personalize your messages to include any information you wish to send and includes; text, links & most WhatsApp-supported file types.


You can now get your message to new markets and expand your business opportunities. The possibilities with WhatsApp Blaster are limitless.


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