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  • Saturday, 13 July 2024
Going for a job interview? Take the water on offer...

Going for a job interview? Take the water on offer...

As we progress into the age of knowing, there seems to be more and more things that come to light when it comes to job interviews. 



Of course there has always been a stress on preparing for job interviews. 


But with recruiters, CEOs, and managerial workers sharing tips and hacks online, it seems there is a host of things that we need to take heed of before an interview. 


We can firmly say that an interview is a place that hosts a number of psychological tests, some are straight-forward, whilst others are slightly more in-depth. 



The most recent tip that was shared on TikTok is about water. A CEO of a solar company, who regularly shares life advice and job hacks, shared a drinking water trick that many interviewers use. 


Grant Mitterlehner shared that when an interviewer offers you water in the interview, you should always take it. 


We bet you never would've thought that would have had a deeper meaning, but it does!


He went on to say that this simple act is in fact a psychological trick, and when you accept it immediately, it helps with them respecting and liking you. 


At first glance we have to say that under normal life circumstances, many cultures find it rude when you say no to their offerings. Whether that is water or a meal, it can have a negative connotation and come across as disrespectful.


"“Be the person that says yes,” Mitterlehner says in the video. 


“Think about who people want to give things to when they visit their homes: people they like, love, and respect. So be the person that says yes because it shows that you respect yourself, it differentiates yourself from others, and it builds an instant connection with that other person.”




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