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  • Saturday, 13 July 2024
Trevor Ombija Falls In Love Again

Trevor Ombija Falls In Love Again

Citizen's TV''s Trevor Ombija is feeling happy and after finding love following a difficult breakup two years ago. The 36-year-old journalist is grateful for the opportunity to love again and no longer wishes to remain single. Trevor mentioned that he met his current partner after the interview, but they were already familiar with each other.
He added that sometimes good things are always close to us, only that we don't see them.

Trevor Ombija emphasized the significance of maintaining certain aspects of his personal life private, recognizing the scrutiny and opinions that often accompany being in the public eye.

As a public figure, Trevor understands that his personal life can become a subject of interest and speculation.
He acknowledged that keeping certain details of his life away from the public spotlight allows him to preserve a sense of privacy and protect the relationships and moments that are dear to him.

“It is very important to keep some things under cover since everyone has something to say," Trevor said.

He said that some people might be curious about how he moved on so fast, but he recalled being heartbroken two years ago. He explained that as humans, we have the ability heal and that life keeps on going.

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